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Weight Loss Surgery Myths


One of the biggest myths about the gastric bypass operation is that the procedure is an "easy" way to lose unwanted pounds. Weight loss surgery is designed to assist the morbidly obese in developing a healthier lifestyle--it is not intended for healthy people who wish to lose a small amount of weight. A gastric bypass operation is a useful tool for weight loss, but it is a surgical procedure that requires a substantial commitment.Don't have insurance coverage for Lap-Band surgery? Financing now available for Lap-Band patients!

Many people mistakenly believe that weight loss will be rapid after a gastric bypass operation. Some patients lose between two or three pounds per week during the first year after surgery, but most people lose their excess weight at a much slower rate. People who continue a diet of regular soft drinks, fried foods, and sugary snacks after their gastric bypass operation may not even lose any weight at all.

Another myth you may have heard about gastric bypass is that the operation prevents proper nutrition. It is true that most patients must take supplements after a gastric bypass operation because the procedure inhibits proper absorption of vitamins and minerals. However, patients who follow their doctor's advice about meal planning can enjoy a nutritionally balanced diet. In many cases, their overall health and well-being is dramatically improved after the gastric bypass operation.

If you've been struggling to lose weight, you may have heard the discouraging statistic that 95 percent of people who lose weight eventually gain it all back. However, this statistic is based on a small study from 1959 that has been proven invalid. With proper treatment, obese patients can lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle. Gastric bypass surgery is a viable weight loss treatment that can produce dramatic results in morbidly obese patients.Not sure which surgery is right for you? Click here to see our bariatric surgery comparison chart.

However, much of the Lap Band surgery information you may have heard is inaccurate. For example, many people mistakenly believe that lap band surgery produces rapid weight loss. If you are considering this procedure, it's important to realize that the pounds won't melt away overnight. Some patients lose two to three pounds per week after surgery, but your results may vary according to your personal medical history. You must also make a consistent effort to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly if you wish to lose weight from gastric bypass surgery.

Another common myth surrounding lap band  surgery is that minimal follow-up care is needed. These types of surgery are a lifetime commitment. You must learn to develop an entirely different lifestyle if you wish to remain at a healthy body weight. For example, patients who go back to their unhealthy snacking habits often regain about 10 percent of their initial weight loss.






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