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Lap-Band Procedure for Weight Loss Surgery



Weight Loss Surgery Procedures - Which one is right for you?

Don't have insurance coverage for Lap-Band surgery? Financing now available for Lap-Band patients!


The most important step before you choose which weight loss surgery procedure is for you is getting all of the information you need about your surgical options. Ultimately your bariatric surgeon and other physicians are your best resource for information about the procedure they will recommend to you for weight loss. When you ask a question, make sure you understand the answer. Don't hesitate to ask for a more detailed explanation given in simpler language.


The decision to have bariatric surgery may take one more than one visit to their office and consultations with more than one surgeon. Ask your bariatric doctor for names of other patients who have had similar weight loss surgeries and who are willing to discuss their experiences, good and bad, with you.

You may choose to research weight loss surgery on your own through the internet. As with any search for medical information, be sure that your sources are responsible, recognized experts in the field you are investigating.

Although results of weight loss surgery procedures can be drastic, there are potential risks and complications. Before making your decision, make sure you are well informed. This is necessary if you are to give "informed consent" for the surgical procedure. Informed consent is a legal term meaning that a patient agrees that they have received and understood enough information about a procedure's benefits and risks to allow them to make a decision that is right for them.


Your bariatric surgeon will require you to sign a consent form before performing your surgical procedure. Before you sign the form, you should have a solid understanding of what is about to happen. You should know what you would need to do to live well after the operation. And you should be aware of the signs or symptoms of complications to look for which may occur after your weight loss surgery.


This website was designed and dedicated to informing potential patients about the benefits, risks, cost and advantages of the Lap Band surgical procedure for permanent weight loss. Please feel free to choose the links below or to the left to get started.














Compare weight loss surgery procedures.   View patient before and after photos.   Click here to qualify for surgery!





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