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Lap Band Surgery Information



Morbid obesity prevents many people from living life to the fullest. If you haven't been able to shed those extra pounds with Atkins, South Beach, or any of today's other popular diet plans, the lap band system may be able to help you reach your weight loss goals. By creating a smaller gastric pouch, this type of bariatric surgery limits the amount of food your stomach will hold at any time.A New Year...A New Life...A new YOU! Click here to get started!

For morbidly obese people who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, or other weight-related medical concerns, the lap band procedure offers a valuable weight loss tool .When other weight loss methods have failed, lap band gastric surgery can produce remarkable results.  Another Alternative for Weight Loss surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that involves applying a device (the Lap Band) around the stomach. Lap Band procedure involves placing a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach to create a small pouch that holds limited amounts of food. When accompanied by dietary and lifestyle changes, the Lap Band procedure may promote lifelong weight loss

In the internal part of the band that is in direct contact with the surface of the stomach, exists a balloon which is inflated to be able to modify the diameter of the exit, based on the response by the patient, in a way that if it is desired to close or open more such exit, this maneuver, called “adjust the band” could be done.

The Gastric Band Adjustable system Lap Band consists of a device made of a material compatible to the digestive system, which is placed around the superior part of the stomach, dividing it in two parts without cutting it. The small superior portion of the stomach can only contain a small amount of food.

The rest of the stomach is found underneath the band. The two parts are connected by a small opening created by the band. Food will pass from the superior part of the stomach slowly, which means that the patient will feel full during a longer period of time

After surgery, you must limit the amount of fat in your diet. You should have no more than three to four teaspoons of margarine, butter, or oil per day. Low-fat salad dressing and mayonnaise are acceptable when consumed in moderation. High-fat foods such as chocolate, chips, pies, and pastries should be avoided. Don't have insurance coverage for Lap-Band surgery? Financing now available for Lap-Band patients!

Before you start your weight loss journey here are some things you need to know.


  1. You must re-learn how to eat slowly and chew food very well. Eating too fast, too much or don’t chew our food enough, you will make the you vomit. .
  2. Success of weight loss with the LapBand is 80% dependent on your commitment to follow-up with your surgeon every 6-8 weeks for at least the first year. Close monitoring of weight, eating habits and various symptoms will determine whether you need an adjustment of your band. This is the only way to assure significant long-term weight loss. If you do not follow-up with your surgeon, you will not lose weight.
  3. Because the LapBand is an implantable device, it does carry the risk of slippage (causing complete blockage of the gastric pouch) or erosion into the stomach (causing weight loss to stop). In either of these cases, another laparoscopic surgery would be required to either re-position the band if it has slipped, or remove the band if it has eroded. This occurs rarely, but is a possibility. In our experience we have not seen these problems, but it can occur in less than 1% of the cases.
  4. The LapBand is not a perfect solution and will not result in weight loss if you start eating an excess of chocolate or high-calorie drinks (such as ice cream shakes and soda).
  5. Although rare, there can be technical problems with the tube kinking or leaking, or the reservoir twisting. This may require a minor operation to correct.




Compare weight loss surgery procedures.   View patient before and after photos.   Click here to qualify for surgery!





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