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Lap-Band Surgery


Adjustable Gastric Banding

Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Vertical Gastric Sleeve

Duodenal Switch

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Lap Band information

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Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery

Lap Band vs. Gastric bypass

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Facts about obesity

Obesity and fertility

About morbid obesity

Obesity treatment options

Obesity surgery

Weight loss options

Choosing a bariatric surgeon

Bariatric surgery centers

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What you need to know about Lap-Band Surgery:


The costs associated with Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band Insurance Coverage

Information about lap-band surgery

About the Lap Band procedure

Risks involved with lap-band surgery

Advantages and benefits of lap-band surgery

What you can expect from lap-band surgery

What you can expect after lap-band surgery

Information and guidelines about the lap-band diet


Some things you may want to know if you are considering Lap-Band surgery

Patient financing for the Lap-Band Surgical procedure

Find out if you are a candidate for lap-band surgery

See before and after photos of actual lap-band patients

Let us help you qualify for lap-band surgery

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Surgical Options for Permanent Weight Loss:


Lap-Band surgical procedure

StomaphyX procedure for those who already had bariatric surgery and are gaining weight

Adjustable Gastric Banding

Gastric Bypass Surgery (Roux en Y)

Realize adjustable Gastric Banding procedure

Vertical Gastric Sleeve (gastric banding)

Learn more about the Duodenal Switch

Consider different types of weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery comparison chart



Patient Resources and helpful Information for those considering bariatric surgery:


Frequently asked questions about the lap-band procedure

Lap-Band surgery for permanent weight loss

Compare lap-band surgery to gastric bypass surgery

Myths and misunderstandings about weight loss surgery

General information and facts about obesity

The effects obesity has on fertility and infertility

Information about morbid obesity and the health risks involved

Treatment options for those who suffer from morbid obesity

General information about different types of obesity surgery

Other weight loss options for those still considering bariatric surgery

What you need to know about choosing a bariatric surgeon

Information about bariatric surgery centers

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